Secret Avengers Vol. 3 # 5 (Comic Files)

Secret Avengers Vol 3 #5

Preamble It’s been established I only want like 9 things. And along with the occasional cool drink, a warm blanket and Thanos as a big bad I want someone to get Agent Coulson right in the comics. And Secret Avengers #5 has everyone commenting on the fact that Coulson is not himself.   Situation Report […]

Original Sin #6 (Comic Files)

Orginal Sin 6

Preamble What’s in the box, what’s in the box?  Actually I should yell in a sharp-pitched voice (as noted on the cover) who pulled the trigger, who pulled the trigger?  Yes, Nick Fury spilled a lot about the history of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Unseen.  But is Fury going to tell us, if he even knows, […]

Avengers Forever (Comic Files)

Avengers Forever

Preamble If I have learned anything thanks to Astrocity, it’s that I love me some Kurt Busiek! So despite the fact that I have never been huge into Marvel 616 Avengers, I still prefer the X-Men, when I saw Busiek wrote an Avengers event it was a must read for me. Busiek is enough for […]

Winter Soldier: Bitter March #5 (Comic Files)

Winter Soldier: Bitter March #5

Preamble Winter Soldier: Bitter March #5 brings us to the end of our 1966 adventure. Rick Remender and Roland Boschi introduced us to a young and idealistic Ran Shen, a man who no longer holds this idealism. Now I think we can understand the villain Iron Nail and part of the path that got him […]



Podcast: Play in new window | Download Today, Guardians of the Galaxy’s comic books and novels are the topic! Ben and Daniel have had some fun reading Guardians materials and in this episode they chat about it, using the conversation about the comics to talk about the characters! NEWS The Coulson/Avengers poll Ben typed in […]

Original Sin #5 (Comic Files)

Original Sin #5

Preamble “You want the truth, you gotta go back. Back to 1958. And of all places…Kansas.” Yes Jason Aaron, you had me with the opening line of Original Sin #5. Please take me on a crazy fun trip!   Situation Report In 1958 while working for Army Intelligence, Colonel Nick Fury helped stop the invasion […]