All-New Invaders: Gods and Soldiers (Comic Files)

All-New Invaders: Gods and Soldiers

Preamble I have spent a lot of time studying World War II.  But I have never read any of Marvel’s premier World War II superhero squad, the Invaders.  The team of Captain America, The Original Human Torch, Namor and Bucky sounds cool to me but that has never lead to action by picking up one of their stories.  […]

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0 (Comic Files)

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool 0

Preamble I really dug the Hawkeye/Deadpool lovefest of Secret Avengers 7.  It was really fun and it showed how good these two funny heroes can be working together.  So when I stumbled, yes stumbled, on Hawkeye vs. Deadpool 0 and saw it was written by Gerry Duggan, well it was an instant Comic File.    Situation Report It is Halloween and […]