Marvel Team-Up #83 (Comic Files)

Marvel Team-Up #83

Preamble In the midst of my recent move I downsized a lot of books.  So one day I went to a used bookstore with five very full boxes of books.  I sent a picture as I went in to Agent Ben of all my boxes.  When I came out I sent him the picture of […]

Secret Avengers Vol. 3 #10 (Comic Files)

Secret Avengers Vol. 3 #10

Preamble Thanksgiving really threw me for a loop. Because of being off work on new comic book day I had to wait a week to get my copy of Secret Avengers #10. Typically that may not have been a problem but with a cover showing Hawkeye and Coulson in a standoff…well it was torture.   […]

All-New Captain America #1 (Comic Files)

All New Captain America #1

Preamble Rick Remender and Stuart Immonem bring us a new era of Captain America’s history in All-New Captain America #1.  Due to his extreme age, Steve Rogers has been forced to give up the shield and now a new inspiring Captain America defends freedom. It is truly an Avengers NOW! world as Sam Wilson pulls […]

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Who: Jessica Kirchner What: Tony Stark/Iron Man When: November 2014 Where: or Why: Jessica has not drawn for several years, but in the midst of an exciting life change rediscovered her artistic passion, “My inspiration was a b/w picture of Chris Evans as Cap. I looked at it and somehow remembered how to […]

Superior Iron Man #1 (Comic Files)

Superior Iron Man #1

Preamble Kevin Fiege got his No Prize for taking a second tier superhero in Iron Man and making him likable despite the fact he was a giant jerk with no box office appeal (okay an actor may have helped out with that challenge too). An entire movie universe has been built on this key decision. […]