Agents of SHIELD (unofficial) Soundtrack!


I love movie soundtracks and Bear McCreary, the composer of the Agents of SHIELD score is, once again, knocking things out of the park with his cinematic music being the perfect accompaniment for our team. And I cannot wait for McCreary’s soundtrack to become available after season one wraps up. He is easily my favorite composer working in television, and rapidly becoming one of my all time favorites.

But there is some incidental music that’s also accompanying our team, so I’ve started compiling some of the music that is also appearing on Agents of SHIELD.

So here is the unofficial soundtrack for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD:


TRACK ONE — Drive All Night Til Dawn by Wagons (from The Asset) – This is the tune Agent Mack was groovin’ to while he was driving the big rig on the Colorado freeway. The scene is a great one, featuring a number of twists and turns and changes in tone as we find out this office supply truck has a much more valuable cargo, the rig itself has its own secrets, and the American truck driver is actually an agent of SHIELD.

More tracks as they become known!